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Rules for Super Sluggers Fantasy Baseball 2006



Lineups and Games


  • Teams may of course make trades.  Trades must be wholly contained within SFFB.  That is, you can't trade Sammy Sosa for Marshall Faulk in the NFFL.
  • During the season, you are allowed to have 5 drop/adds, that is, you may freely drop one player and pick up another, provided that the other player isn't already on someone's roster.
  • Before the first day of SFFB, you may have as many drop/adds as you wish, as long as you only have 18 players.
  • If a trade leaves your roster with openings, you may pick up players without it costing you a drop/add.  However, no trade can result in a team picking up more than two players.
  • You may also maintain a disable list.  You can have one player on the 15 day DL, one player on the 30 day DL, and one player on the 60 day DL. If, after putting a player on the DL, you have less than 18 players, you may pick up an available player, without being charged a drop/add.
  • A player can only be put on your DL if he is on the real DL (even if he is hurt and not playing).
  • A player can only come off the DL after the indicated time has passed since you put him on the DL.  If a player  is then on a major league roster (and  not on a real DL), he must come off at that time. If a player on the fantasy DL is still on the real DL after the time is up, you may leave him on the fantasy DL.
  • No trades may be made after August 15 and before the end of the SSFB World Series.


  • The league will be broken into two divisions, the Nold division and the Everyone Else division.
  • After the regular season, there will be a post season.  Four teams will make the playoffs. The teams with the two best records in their division will play each other in a best of seven series. The winner of these playoff series will play in the World Series. These will be played during the Major Leagues regular season, so you can still play your Indians players during the playoffs.